What is DevOps

Properly set-up technical environment allows you to optimize your business recources, distribute loadings and scale your projects. With these essential improvements you will be able to drive your business with more power, more efficiency and less expenses.

Actyc DevOps services include the full scope of tools and methods required for creating a reliable and scalable technical background for your projects.

Automate technical processes
We will automate your technical processes, tools and communications
Speed-up deployment cycle
We will speed-up your deployment cycle and releases, simplify development and shorten downtime and fault time;
Fast feedback
We will provide fast and accurate user feedback delivery in order you could implement any changes in no time.

What we do

Actyc DevOps engineers use advanced practises and many years of experience in software development and system administration to build flexible and scalable solutions which could be adjusted to ever-changing markets.

DevOps as a Service

By providing DevOps as a Service solutions we are dedicated to automate software development, QA, delivery and support processes. We build rigid and fault-tolerant architecture for you to manage full lifecycle of your project.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)

With advanced CI/CD services by Actyc you will get an undeniable advantage of any modern business. With an established CI/CD pipeline you would be able to lower your business and production risks, enhance safety and automate most of crucial development, testing and deployment processes. Release your developers from routine works and let them focus on business needs, quality of code and safety.

Container orchestration

Using advanced container orchestration tools we provide a high quality framework to automate deployment, management, and networking of containers for your software. Our engineering team will design, build and implement a suitable container solution for you to deploy your software across different environments without redesigning it.


Want to get faster deployment and troubleshooting times for your project? We can help you with that. Actyc engineers will create microservices architecture for your application where your application will be divided into smaller services and developers team will be able to develop, test, fix, deploy and update those services independently.

Infrastructure automation

With our automation solutions you can get fully automated software development, deployment and support cycle.

DevOps tools we use

Amazon ECS
Amazon codePipeline
Amazon code commint
AWS Lambda
Amazon EKS
AWS Fargate
circle ci
Travis Ci